Starting as Data Support Systems (DSS) , backed by Karen and Carl Bortol, DSS played their first event at World Cup in 2005. The team came in 5th place, getting knocked out of the tournament by San Diego Aftermath, who went on to win the event.

In 2006, the original members of the team consisted of: Bryan Bortol, Christopher Hooker, Mac Moriarty, Paul Naylon, Parker Rosenthal, Zak Sherman, and Josh Voss and competed in Division 3 of the PSP. The team started off well, taking 2nd place at the Las Vegas Open and also went on to win the PSP SoCal Open held in San Bernardino as well as the Division 3 X-Ball Series Champions Title for the 2006 season.

In 2007, it was decided that DSS would now play as VICIOUS along with making the move to Division 2 X-Ball. VICIOUS proved to be successful in their second season by winning Division 2 Xball at the 2007 PSP Chicago Open and once again found themselves the 2007 Series Champions in D2 X-Ball.

In 2008, VICIOUS moved up to Division 1 in the PSP. Rivalries proved to be prominent early on in the season. VICIOUS did well in their third season but their glory did not come until the PSP World Cup. VICIOUS fought their way to the finals and came out victorious as the 2008 D1 World Cup Champions. VICIOUS was also able to finish as Runner-Up in the series standings for D1 X-Ball. Shortly after World Cup, VICIOUS went on to take 2nd in Semi Pro at the 2008 NPPL Commander’s Cup. This was an accomplishment as well because VICIOUS usually does not play the 7 man format.

Moving up to Semi-Pro for the 2009 season, VICIOUS finished in the top four in the first three PSP tournaments. They also finished fourth in the USPL Huntington Beach Event in the Semi-Pro Division. At the PSP World Cup in Lakeland, FL VICIOUS was able to win once again, defeating San Diego Aftermath in a best 2 of 3 format to remain World Cup Champions.

In 2010, VICIOUS has made the jump into the Pro ranks of the PSP, competing against some of the best players and teams in paintball. Adjusting to the new division proved to take longer than expected. As the team progressed through the season they were able to beat out several successful teams, and missed the Sunday cut at World Cup by a single point in the overall standings.

Moving into 2011 VICIOUS continued to participate in the PSP while also expanding to events both domestic and abroad. The team attended the Millennium RaceTo event in Bitburg Germany, coming in 5th place. Also new for VICIOUS in 2011 was their participation in the Ulitmate Woodsball League (UWL). The team attended the 2nd UWL event of the year in Mesquite, NV playing against some of the legends of paintball. Pulling off a win at this event, everyone on the team was addicted to the new format, and this new experience helped to revitalize the team and the players. VICIOUS went on to also win the UWL Nebraska event, as well as the UWL Chicago event in the Open bracket, seizing the 2011 Open Division Series Championship in the process. The team continued to remain in the middle of the pack in the US Pro bracket, until their appearance at World Cup, again held at Fantasy of Flight in Lakeland, Florida. For the first time since turning Pro, VICIOUS made the cut to play on Sunday and were once again able to wear their red jerseys. VICIOUS was able to finish in 4th place at World Cup and was able to show themselves as well as their fans and everyone else that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Going into 2012 VICIOUS is poised to continue newfound success in the Pro bracket while continuing to help grow paintball locally as well as traveling abroad and experiencing everything paintball has to offer.